This report is a little late, but here it is, OSA's first Bench Rest Match. There were seven people in attendance to start  the event. Three observed and four were bonifide shooters. Calibers ranged from .223 to the lofty 308, one 30 Bench Rest. Scores ran from a low of 235-5X, to a 248 11X's. Highest score possible is a 250 25X. A goal only two people have ever attained.

I encourage anyone that has a good rifle to join this competition. Carlos Gonzales did with a  factory rifle and missed the top spot by 2 points. 246 8X. Jerry Reed shot the Match with a .223 had a little trouble coming at the end, managed a 236 5X, Bob Sabatino shot a .223, score a 243 1X.  .22 calibers are at slight disadvantage due to the bullet size. This game is shot with the best edge, so shooting against a 30 caliber you really have to be 100%on your best edge. It is not impossible but it boils down to you, the rifle and the wind. We can not leave out the Match Winner Dave Soucey shooting a Savage single shot rifle in 30 Bench Rest. Scored a 248 11X . 

Thanks guys for coming out and having some fun burning powder and laughing at your follies.

Next match is June 3rd. first Thursday of the month. Safety meeting at 8:30 AM. First shot goes down range at b9:00AM. Be advised there is no parking at the rifle range or by the buildings during the match. You may drive up to the rifle range and un-load/load. Then park in the parking lot.


  • September 04, 2021 12:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Mark Harrison  DNF

    Sebastian Gallina 245 2X

    Carlos Gonzalez 240 5X

    Jerry Reed 227 1X

    Dave Soucey 250 13X


  • August 27, 2021 12:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Bill Schertz 497 26X

    Robert Sabatino 495 14X

    Jerry Reed 486 27X

    Dave Soucey 480 18X


    Mark Betcher 491 11X

    Ron Haller 460 3X

    Stan Buonagurlo 458 1X

    Bill Muller 448 1X

  • August 05, 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The following area the results of the Aug. 5th, 2021 Hunters Bench Rest Comp.

    Rich Niles  6mm BR 228 5X

    Bob Sabatino 223 240 5X

    Carlos 308 244 4X

    Harrison 30 BR 224 4X

    Soucey 30 249 14X

    Mark Harrison Event Director

    The following is the results of the July 29, 22 bench rest shoot.

    Sebastian Gallina 209/226 10/22 class 435 3x

    Mark Betcher 218/237 factory class 455 6x

    Stan Buonlgurio 239/217 factory class 456 3x

    Ed Wilson 234/231 factory class 465 8x

    Bill Muller 236/239 factory class 475 4x

    Tim Gilbert 2450/2350 unlimited 4800 21 x

    Mark Harrison Event Director

    The June third match had five shooters participate in a very close match. The winner was not determined until the last target was scored. One point separated the match winner from second place. Also the third place position was contested through out the entire match. The final target shook out the deciding factor there. 

    The most used caliber was the .223. Two shooters were in the modified class and one in the factory class. The other calibers in use were the 30 br and one .308. Four out of the five rifles shot were Savage Actions and one was a Remington. Precision is the name of the game. If you have a rifle that can hole a half inch group consistently at 100 yards, then you are a candidate that could do very well in this sport. 

    Here are the scores:

     Dave Soucey  30BR  245 - 10X
     Carlos Gonzales  .308  244 - 7X
     Bob Sabattino  .223  242 - 3X
     Sabastian Gallina  .223  236 - 4X
     Rich Niles  .223  141 - 2X

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