American Rifle Association, is a league of competitors challenging their skills with great exceptional ability. Factory Class uses a rifle that meets all the requirements of no modifications except to re-crown the barrel, glass bed the stock, or possibly change out the trigger. No other modifications are allowed! Two best rifles for this are the Tikka, and the CZ’s. 

Unlimited Rifle Class is a different kettle of fish, highly customized with un-nerving accuracy.  This rifle can and will shoot one hole groups on demand. Modifications abound here, however deep your pockets want to go. That is the only restriction for the Unlimited Competitor.

Ammunition must be the best of quality. You also should test brands and lot numbers to find the best performance for your rifle.  With 25 targets pre card, one round in each individual target the power of concentration is a must. Generally two cards will consist of a match. When scoring is being done the worst edge of the bullet will be scored. Edges get closely scrutinized, pins and magnifying glasses are brought into play.

If you have great nerves and wicked sense of humor you will enjoy this game. Come join us. Check the range schedule for the monthly match schedule.  The field is limited to 20 competitors and you must register in advance.

Mark Harrison - Match Director   Email-


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