OSA Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is authorized to use this facility?

Only members in good standing, guests accompanied by OSA members and/or those invited to special events accompanied by OSA members.

2. What is the authority of range officials to carry out the rules and regulations and to enforce penalties?

Any OSA Officer or member of the Board of Directors (BOD) or the on site Range Officer, may, at their discretion, eject any person or persons from OSA premises for any reason deemed unsafe or inappropriate and not in the best interest of others due to safety or any other concern. Actions and methods for discipline and/or ejection may involve Law Enforcement and/or other lawful remedies. An incident report must be filed and the OSA BOD contacted.

3. What will this facility generally be used for?

OSA premises will be used primarily for shooting sports and related shooting activities and will be used to enhance and to promote the shooting sports and other such activities generally associated with the shooting sports. Non-Shooting activities may be allowed under special application. We do not allow shotgun activities at the range.

4. What type of targets will be prohibited?

Photographs, drawings depicting human facial features, targets with exploding liquid containers, explosive or incendiary targets or bottles. We have steel targets in designated areas but we are a basic paper target facility. Special events are the exception. If you have any questions consult an OSA BOD Member or the presiding Range Officer.

5. What will the normal hours of operation be?

The range will be open Monday, through Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Sunday, the range will be open from 1:00 PM to 5:00 P.M.


Thursday's will be reserved for specialized training and maintenance.


Note: BoD sanctioned and supervised events are authorized outside of the normal hours of operation.

6. How are firearms to be transported to and from the facility?

All firearms must be transported unloaded in enclosed containers such as shooters bags, hard or soft gun specific cases, rifle bags, snap over type and/or flap type fully securing holsters ( not worn ), etc.. No person shall walk about the OSA facility at any time with an exposed and uncased firearm in hand, including both handguns and rifles. No person shall approach or leave the firing line with a loaded firearm or an uncased firearm.

7. What about CCW holders?

All State of Florida Concealed Carry License holders and Law Enforcement Officers will be allowed entry to the OSA facility with a loaded, holstered and concealed handgun, this gun may not be used. If the CCL holder or law enforcement officer desires to discharge this firearm on the OSA firing line, it must first be UNLOADED. The clearing barrel is the only approved station to handle the carry firearm. Unload and clear the firearm at the barrel, the range must be HOT, DO NOT RE-HOLSTER. Encase the firearm (in a gun rug, bag or box), then proceed to your shooters position. Reverse this procedure when leaving the OSA facility.

8. Will I be able to invite a friend to the range?

Yes, however all guests must read and sign off on the Rules of the Range, the Release of Liability Waiver Form, as well as the Log In Sheet at the OSA facility. Members are responsible for their guest’s conduct.

9. Who must sign the Release Waiver?

All OSA members must have a signed release of liability waiver on file with OSA. All guests will be required to sign a waiver of liability and acknowledge reading the rules of the range prior to using the facility each and every time. Anyone else entering the facility during operating hours will be required to execute release waiver.

10. What firearms and calibers are allowed?

The Firearm/Cartridge Regulations of OSA are the following:
* All Handguns.
* Only .22 cal rim fire rifles and pistol caliber rifles are allowed  on the pistol range.  Rifle calibers (not including 50BMG) are allowed on the rifle range.  No shotguns of any type are allowed except for special occasions.  For other specific limitations please see Membership Manual.

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